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Van Jones Seemingly Thrilled With Capitalism When it Comes to Selling His Book


"Whew! Just got off the set of @ThisWeekABC!...mentioned my book @RebuildDream twice! Yay!…"

Van Jones has been making the rounds on various media outlets recently to promote his new book, "Rebuild the Dream."

But some are asking, won't the former "green jobs czar" and "Occupy" advocate feel uncomfortable with his riches in the often-protested 1%?  He said just this weekend that “[The] Occupy movement pretty much saved the entire country from destruction,” and we all know how Occupiers feel about greedy capitalists.

Some are even saying Jones appears "super excited" about the capitalist system.  He took the time to direct his Twitter followers to his book's page on Amazon (one of those "giant corporations"). 

He tweeted Sunday:  "Whew! Just got off the set of @ThisWeekABC! @GStephanopoulos mentioned my book @RebuildDream twice! Yay!…"

He also told a fellow tweeter, "The e-book will b available on Tues. Check tomorrow, also, because a preorder option for Kindle may be available on Sunday. Thx!"

Twitchy captured one man's response to Jones' tweet, where he asked, " Jones, what will you use the profits from your book sale for?"

On his interview with ABC, Jones appeared as a panelist alongside Ann Coulter.  Watch their interesting discussion, below:

(H/T: Twitchy)

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