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Is the Tea Party dead?


The fight for the White House and Congress is heating up with November just around the corner. Many Americans are asking, "Where is the Tea Party?"

The small-government movement seems absent. Have they lost steam? Are they asleep? What's really going on? And what is their plan?

The April 2012 issue of The Blaze magazine examines the true state of the Tea Party.

Also in this issue, we have an exclusive excerpt from a new book exposing the truth behind Fast and Furious, the program that sent thousands of guns to drug cartels in Mexico and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, including federal agents. The administration is doing everything possible to hide the gory details and use the scandal to push an anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Plus: the atheist movement's faith system of religious practices to spread secular beliefs; a new faith-friendly film that's getting major secular kudos; the truth about the U.S. oil supply; an exclusive interview with Sen. Rand Paul; and much more.

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