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Church Refuses to Allow Fox News to Play Blaze-Exposed Video of Rev. Wright


"there may be a deliberate, orchestrated effort by the Obama White House to promote racial division"

Threatened by The Church: Sean Hannity could not use the public sermon of Jeremiah Wright on his show

Metropolitan Baptist Church in Charleston, West Virginia, has refused to allow Fox News to play the controversial Jeremiah Wright videos from their revival last weekend.

The shocking, class warfare rhetoric, which was originally seen in full videos the church posted on its web site, was first revealed by The Blaze on Monday. Last night, despite video limitations, Fox News host Sean Hannity covered Wright's shocking statements on his program.

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The videos are specific highlights of over seven hours of Rev. Wright sermons given at the Metro Baptist Revival.  The Blaze researched and produced two controversial films from the footage -- the first having to do with Rev. Wrights class warfare and race rhetoric and the second maligning our military and, ironically, Sean Hannity.

"Last week while delivering several sermons at the Metropolitan Baptist Church in West Virginia, Reverend Wright in typical fashion spewed hate-filled comments form the pulpit," Hannity explained. "And while the church did post the sermons on its website, they refused to give us permission tonight to air them."

Hannity went on to quote some of the most disturbing comments.  He also welcomed Dick Morris, in a segment entitled "Wright and Wrong", to discuss the political implications for the Pastors fiery, race-charged comments.

“Here you have Wright saying that white supremacy drives the world. Does he realize the person that holds the most powerful, focused, important position on the planet, is black? I mean he could’ve given the exact same sermon five years ago,” Morris stated.

The former Clinton adviser then suggested there may be a larger force behind the enflamed rhetoric, “I think that what may be happening here is that there may be a deliberate, orchestrated effort by the Obama White House to promote racial division that gives them the basis for stoking an African American turn out in the election.”

Watch the Hannity segment about Wright's comments, below:

As of the writing of this article the church's website is still promoting the Wright Revival and maintaining public links to the full sermons.

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