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Man Gets Surprise of a Lifetime As He Almost Walks Into Wild Bear While Texting


"I turned back and I ran for my life."

Last week, the city of Philadelphia jokingly introduced the idea of creating "e-lanes" for distracted, texting walkers. But while many laughed it off, the issue of text walking may have just gotten a poster child after a man in Los Angeles nearly walked into a 400 lb. wild bear while staring down at his phone.

And of course, it was all caught on video.

It happened while several news helicopters were tracking a wild bear that was on the loose in a residential neighborhood.

"Tracking the bear’s movements throughout the morning, KTLA‘s news helicopter captured the chance encounter," TV Spy explains, "the man was walking along an alleyway, texting, when he suddenly spotted the bear in front of him."

So what did he do when he saw the bear? Here's how it went down:


KTLA-TV reports the bear was eventually tranquilized and relocated on Tuesday. But the bear is not the star of the incident. That honor belongs to Vaz Terdandenyan, the now-infamous texter.

"I got up this morning from helicopter noise and I was trying to see what was going on," Terdandenyan told KTLA.

"I was texting my boss that I would be late for work because something is going on, and I'm coming down the stairs and I see the bear coming up the stairs toward me."

"I turned back and I ran for my life. I guess running for a marathon came in handy because I was in shape to run away!"

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