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What Country Is This!': Irate Romney Hecklers Lose It After Being Denied Access


"I don't know why. They wouldn't tell me."

Someone needs to tell these Romney hecklers what country this is.

That's at least what they were requesting when they were shouting angrily outside a Romney event in Philadelphia on Monday. The hecklers were irate when they were denied access, despite some of them holding tickets.

"What country is this!" the hecklers screamed in unison.

National Review sets the stage:

Progressive activists stormed the Franklin Institute this evening. They clashed with tea-party organizer Don Adams, who blocked them from entering. It was a wild, tense scene, just minutes before Mitt Romney appeared here. Adams, who is the man at the door in this video of the incident, tells NRO that the “nasty” exchange is an example of what Romney will face this fall.

Here's what it looked and sounded like. By the way, it seems the hecklers were trying to complain about being targeted because of their race:

So who were the Hecklers? The AP says they were, not surprisingly, Occupiers (among others). Also, they got their tickets refunded:

The protesters said that when they tried to go inside, they were refused entry. Event organizers eventually granted them refunds for their $20 tickets after they chanted loudly on the steps.

The activists, who were from groups such as Occupy Philly and Fight For Philly, said they just wanted to ask Romney questions about his policies.

Che Saitta, 23, from Philadelphia, who said she was with Fight For Philly, said she was among those denied entrance.

“I don’t know why. They wouldn’t tell me,” she said.

It seems there are plenty of things the hecklers need to figure out.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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