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If I Had a F--king AK Right Now': Occupy Portland Protesters Go Off On Violent, Obscenity-Laced Tirades After Being Denied Park Reentry


"I have a solution dude, let’s go get guns."

After being been denied reentry into their most favorite park, Occupy Portland protesters decided to voice their frustration via obscenity-laced tirades about arming themselves with guns, spreading disease, and how police officers are little more than "slave catchers."

From the YouTube video description:

Occupy Portland occufails to recapture the parks. Here is the footage of the police kicking them out, and the ensuing barrage of insults from the occupiers, including several racially charged comments and talk of guns. Also mentioned is a smattering of health risks associated with Occupy.

[Caution – extremely coarse language]:

But perhaps the most disturbing moment of the video [take your pick, really] is when a few Occupiers can be heard having the following conversation:

Occupier #1: We have to leave because you have guns...If I had a f–king AK right now…


Occupier #2: I have a solution dude, let’s go get guns.

Occupier #3: Yeah, right.

Occupier #2: I’m just joking, I’m just joking.

Occupier #3: Yeah, you know as soon as you put that up, they'll be like, "Oh, violent occupiers!" Even thought the f--cking right-wing is the most violent...[inaudible].

“Yes, spring is in the air, and unfortunately along with it a return of all the horrors of the occupy movement,” writes Morgen Richmond for Hot Air, noting the increase in violent rhetoric from the Occupy movement.

Indeed, although the one Occupier in the video claims he's "joking," there has been a disturbing increase in calls for violence from certain Occupy organizers. For instance, via OccupyMay1st.org (an Occupier communication hub) there’s this:

Title: “rainbowunicorncopkillwsa.” Cute.

And then there’s this, via Ignite (pdf), the "official" anarchist newspaper in Denver:

On the night of Feb. 20th in Denver, a “young man” described as white or Hispanic and dressed in “a hoodie with patches” was approached by police swine for alleged “suspicious activity” on 17th and Julian. The youth, evidently not the type to take any shit, pulled a pistol, fired a single shot that missed the cop, and fled on foot successfully. No suspect has been apprehended at time of press. The local anarchist community upon learning the news breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of arrests and collectively said “too bad they f–king missed.”

“Makes you wonder why a mainstream progressive activist like Van Jones would throw his support behind such a movement. Hmmm,” Richmond writes.

“It’s going to be a long summer.”

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