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Police Arrest Suspect in Matthew Owens Beatdown Case


"Nobody, no matter what color you are, gender, anything, should go through that."

Police have made an arrest in the case of Matthew Owens, who was recently attacked by a group of roughly 20 African-American adults with metal pipes and paint cans in a seemingly racially-motivated assault.

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Reports say Owens "fussed" at a group of children playing basketball in the street before the attack, and after the children left "a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink."  He has been in critical condition ever since.

Owens' sister and other eyewitness neighbors claim that at least one of the assailants remarked, "Now that's justice for Trayvon," while walking away.

Now, Fox News reports: "Terry Rawls, 44, has been arrested and was charged with first-degree assault. Rawls and victim Matthew Owens have had an ongoing feud dating back to 2009, according to Chad Tucker, a spokesman for the Mobile County District Attorney's Office."

However, the police are not investigating the matter as a hate crime.

Owens' brother Lloyd was interviewed on the Todd Schnitt's radio show, where explained:"I just wish the [Trayvon Martin] part was left out of this."

"Nobody, race, nothing, should have to deal with that.  15-20 people beat a man like that?  I don't care what they are, you know?  I don't care what they've done to somebody, if they've said something to somebody.  You know, nothing's been said, I don't know what has happened, what has caused this, but nobody, no matter what color you are, gender, anything, should go through that."

When asked what "kind of guy" Matthew is, Lloyd responded that he is kind and he is "there for people."  The day he was attacked, Lloyd noted, Matthew was at his sister's house helping her with yard work.

And what is Matthew Owens saying from the hospital bed, according to his brother Lloyd?   Mainly, he pleas: "Don't let me die."

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