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It's 'Planet of the Apes!: Nugent Rips Gov't Over 'Feral' Pig Slaughter During Beck Interview


I seek not to disrupt society.

During his Thursday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted famed-rocker Ted Nugent, who, of late, has endured the strain of Secret Service investigations, cancelled tour-stops, and a hefty fine for a bear-hunt in Alaska.

Nugent explained the details of the hunting incident and explained what he had to go through -- including being threatened with jail time and a $100,000 fine -- over what he described was an unintentional misstep. He said he seeks not to disrupt society but simply to live the American dream and promote ethical and responsible hunting.

He also discussed how he was forced to slaughter his livestock for being mislabeled "feral" by the bureaucrats in power.

"It is planet of the apes!" he exclaimed over the state's ineptitude. The interview only got better from there. Watch an outraged Nugent break it down in the clip below.

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