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Baptist Leader Delivers Stinging Rebuke to Fellow Christians: 'We Are Guilty of Our Own Form of Homophobia


"an embarrassment"

Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, made some stirring comments about Christianity and homosexuality that may cause a range of emotions. From general frustration to overwhelming agreement, Mohler's claim that American Christianity lacks the credibility needed to tackle same-sex marriage will garner diverse responses.

The faith leader's argument is based on the premise that Christians have largely failed when it comes to confronting same-sex marriage due to their own failure to model successful marriages. In an interview at the "Together for the Gospel Conference" in Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this month, Mohler gave his opinions on the matter.

"We have been very slippery on all kinds of issues in terms of accountability in marriage and about marriage," he said. "It’s going to take a comprehensive recovery of the Christian church’s conviction that marriage is a gospel issue, a biblical issue, an ecclesiological issue, a church discipline issue, a human flourishing issue."

These are the latest words to come from a prominent Christian in America regarding how homosexuality can and should be grappled with. Many evangelicals, in particular, stand firmly opposed to homosexual unions, however national opinion, as The Blaze has highlighted, is beginning to become more favorable toward gay marriage overall.

Mohler went on to address the issue's growing prevalence, saying that churches will have a distinct challenge as the legality of same-sex marriage spreads.

"We’re going to have very significant specific challenges such as what do we do with people who show up and think they are married and we don’t think they are married?" he continued. "What happens when someone presents themselves not only for say membership but for admission to a Christian college or to a seminary or for employment at a Christian school? What rights do Christian churches and Christian denominations and organizations have to say, ‘No, we can’t recognize that as marriage?'"

Following these comments he claimed that the church has made a mistake by viewing sexual sin as a problem that exists outside of the Christian realm. Instead, Mohler claims that everybody -- even believers -- suffers from this in some way. Additionally, he condemned the sometimes less-than-Biblical methods he believes some churches have used to respond to homosexuality. He even used the oft-dreaded word "homophobia."

"I’ve gotten in a little bit of trouble for people deliberately misconstruing my words, but I’m going to repeat them again," he proclaimed. "We are guilty of our own form of homophobia. We are guilty of our own form of ridiculing rather than acting with redemption."

In illustrating this point, he said that evangelicals have published books that are shameful and that some sermons should serve as "an embarrassment" to Christianity. Rather than fiery rhetoric, he encouraged accuracy and truth in discussions about the complicated issue. In particular, he railed against people who tell those "struggling with same-sex attraction" that they have chosen the so-called plight.

You can read more about Mohler's comments in the Associated Baptist Press and  listen to audio of his commentary about homosexuality and the church here.

(H/T: Associated Baptist Press)

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