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Firebombed? Seattle Bank of America Hit with Improvised Explosive Ahead of Possible 'May Day' Action


"Heating things up for May Day!!!"

Police are investigating an improvised explosive device that was chucked through the window of a Bank of America in Seattle, Washington late Wednesday night.

According to police, the perpetrators threw a bottle filled with gasoline through the bank's window, but luckily, the fire did not spread and no one was injured.  They are treating the matter as attempted arson.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but reports speculate that it could be connected to vociferous anarchist calls for shutting down Seattle ahead of "May Day" on May 1st.

Puget Sound Anarchists, in particular, are seemingly actively involved in the effort, having made a video, posters, and a "what to expect in Seattle on May Day" section on their website.

In line with recent Bank of America attack, their website also celebrates a "Large rock and molotov thrown at Wells Fargo - Portland," which was evidently done in memory of "an artist and trans/queer femme of color who recently killed herself" because of the "cissexist (sic), femmephobic, racist, and transmisogynistic society" we live in.

They conclude:

Solidarity to all those queers, people of color, and other folks who are marginalized, imprisoned and policed in the interest of vile financial institutions such as Wells Fargo.

WE QUEERS MAKE TOTAL DESTROY! F*ck all of the institutions which systematically subject us, churches and banks alike!

Heating things up for May Day!!!


Puget Sound Anarchists also write of a prior attack on a Seattle Bank of America, though in this case the perpetrators only vandalized the building.  In the case, the perpetrators also warned of "May Day."

Under the section "What to Expect on May Day in Seattle," their site reads:

May Day is a chance for individuals or crews to take direct action in any way they see fit. That being said the general goal of May 1st is the shutdown of the city, so small autonomous groups need to plan and prepare themselves for whatever sort of activity they decide to undertake. These crews are not only based on a deep reciprocal knowledge and trust of each other, but on a shared recognition of a comparable amount of risk each individual is willing to take.


Think about recognizing unforeseen possibilities and openings and be ready to take advantage of them and don't be afraid to be spontaneous. Rather than being satisfied with a position at any given moment, think about how to expand, don't just see what has been accomplished but look for ways to extend liberated space or disruptive actions. At the same time, try to gauge a crowds anger and combativeness and recognize when it will have your back as well as when it is time to help with defense, but never limit your actions to what you think the crowd will approve of. In general be creative and experimental with what and how you get things done.

No one really knows what to expect this May Day but you can be sure that it will be whatever the rebellious ones who act this May 1st make it.  [Emphasis added]

And while their promotional video for May 1st begins with unexpectedly bad music and the usual calls for a general strike, it ends with scenes of cities on fire and corporations being ransacked by mobs:

Locals are seemingly unhappy about the improvised explosive at Bank of America, one saying: "You know the city needs to be safer than that...with people running around bombing like terrorists and stuff.  This is Seattle, Washington this [isn't] Iran or Iraq."

Though police have joined forces with FBI and ATF agents to determine who exactly is responsible, reports say they have no suspects are continuing the investigation.

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