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Viral Vid Gets 5 Million Hits: Will You Go Crazy Over This 'Relaxing' Frog Too?


"no nails, no glue..."

In what seems like it should be an illustration in a children's book of a frog relaxing on a sunny afternoon, the amphibian sitting in this odd, human-like sitting position was actually filmed in real life. Given that frogs are usually poised to leap, this one seems to be exuding the sentiment "What? A frog can't relax too?"

The frog's "relaxing" pose is so unusual that it has caused quite a buzz in the viral video world. The main post of the clip, uploaded five days ago, has more than 5 million hits thus far and it has been re-posted dozens of times on YouTube.

See if you'll be just as fascinated:

Some have questioned whether the video was faked or the animal forced to hold that position in some way. The description included with the clip ensures that the frog is "OK" and there are "no nails, no glue, animal abuse, etc. Later, he jumped off the bench and galloped away to the water."

What did you think? Sort of makes you want to rest on a bench for a moment, no?

[H/T Yahoo! News]

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