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Christian Teens Bash Dan Savage's Bible Rant & Claim He Made Some Kids Cry: 'Put Down & Bullied Because of My Faith


"If Dan Savage had gotten up there and said ‘God hates homosexuals and they’re all going to hell,’ there would have been huge outrage from that crowd."

The fallout from sex advice guru Dan Savage's anti-Christian rhetoric continues to resonate. As the teens who were present at the National High School Journalism conference speak out, new details are emerging about the negative impact that the advocate's words had on the youths. As The Blaze reported, Savage launched a tirade against the Christian Bible last week, while claiming that the book supports slavery and other related societal abuses.

Some youths were so distraught and disturbed by Savage's words that they literally walked out of the event. It was at that point -- after they left and were visibly offended -- that the founder of the "It Gets Better" campaign referred to them as "pansy asses."

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Jake Naman, an 18-year-old Christian from Redlands, California, was in the crowd before Savage's words turned ugly. In an interview with FOX News, he described the lewd and inappropriate commentary Savage presented to the students. But while Naman was becoming more and more uncomfortable throughout the speech, there was a specific point at which he knew that the rhetoric would come flowing -- when Savage mentioned "the Bible."

"The very second he said the Bible and paused, I knew it was going to get ugly," Naman said in an interview with Fox News. "It was about to be a bashing."

In a show of courage, Naman, who says he felt bullied (ironic, considering the catalyst's "It Gets Better" efforts), stood up and walked out of the event.

"I felt like in my heart I couldn’t just stay there at all. It was a really weird feeling I just had to get out," he said. "I didn’t want to cause a scene but I really could not stand to be in that room anymore."

In retrospect, the teen has plenty to say about Savage and the appropriateness of his words, specifically when it comes to the standards that Christians are held to.

"If Dan Savage had gotten up there and said ‘God hates homosexuals and they’re all going to hell,’ there would have been huge outrage from that crowd," Naman said. "As Christians we get the other side of that. When our faith is attacked like that -- we are ridiculed for taking a stand against it."

While Naman thought he was alone in walking out of the event, when he got to the lobby he realized that others had joined him. Among them was 17-year-old Haley Mulder.

"I never felt more hurt, felt persecuted," Mulder explained. "For me, my faith is what I want to be defined by. For someone to say it was B.S. is really hurtful. I felt put down and bullied because of my faith."

According to Naman, some of the girls were crying as a result of Savage's comments. So far, the advocate has done little more than apologize for using the term "pansy assed." Additionally, he is standing by his characterization of the Bible.

(H/T: Fox News)

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