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Dan Rather still thinks people care about his sad past


After former CBS anchor Dan Rather ran the obviously fabricated story regarding President George W. Bush and his service in the National Guard in 2004, he was fired resigned. Almost eight years later he still think people care and he's written a new bitter book (out tomorrow) full of trash talking.

“I have a story to tell from my point of view,” he says about his new book, Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News, which roasts network management for its “spineless” behavior during the Bush episode; takes potshots at his successor in the CBS Evening News anchor chair, Katie Couric, as a purveyor of “News Lite”; and settles scores with former colleagues who, as he writes, “after pretending to be friends for all those years, stealthily snuck around giving anonymous newspaper quotes and otherwise scheming to put the dirk in deep when I was down and hurting.”

Get over it, Dan. We have. And stop using your last name as a pun.

[Daily Beast]

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