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Keen to Keep Dancing': Australian Man Who Fell off Massive Scaffolding at Concert in Surprisingly Good Spirits


"I would best describe the actions of this man as outrageously stupid..."

An Australian man slipped past security and climbed atop a massive piece of scaffolding for a better view of the Creamfield's dance festival this weekend, certainly unaware of how the shenanigan would end.

Soon after reaching the top, the man lost his balance and took a terrifying plunge-- but miraculously dusted himself off and saluted the crowd right after.

CBS 6 reports:

“Everyone’s thinking he’s gonna fall and then he falls and it was pretty scary – he could have done some serious damage,” said witness Liam Murphy.


“I would best describe the actions of this man as outrageously stupid and it’s a miracle that he wasn’t seriously injured,” said Inspector Andrew Koutsoufis.

The unidentified climber was taken to Saint Vincents Hospital but discharged himself shortly after.

"He was just keen to keep dancing," according to Inspector Koutsoufis.

Take a look at the clip, which sort of resembles "America's Funniest Home Videos" in its darker moments:



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