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See the New Batman 'The Dark Night Rises' Trailer Everyone's Talking About -- Notice Any Occupy Themes?


"There's a storm coming."

During my morning news search, it seems one-in-three sites I visited had something about the new Batman "The Dark Night Rises" trailer posted. So I watched it. And now I'm posting it, too.

But before you send the emails about it being "not news," consider this: there are some eerie similarities between today's May Day protests and what you will see in the trailer. In short, a small group of people wreaking havoc on New York City. In fact, "Catwoman," played by Anne Hathaway, says in the trailer, "There's a storm coming." Sound familiar? And the main villain claims to be "Gotham's reckoning." Sound like any rhetoric you've heard?

Sure, there are exploding bridges and stadiums in the movie, which isn't to suggest that Occupy Wall Street is planning acts of terrorism (although the group has said it will shut down NYC tunnels and bridges). But it's worth noting that the movement was birthed out of a plan for economic terrorism. And the trailer even shows action being taken against, you guessed it, Wall Street (see above picture). In fact, back in November, we brought you behind-the-scenes photos of the movie shooting riot scenes in New York's Financial District, where an angry mob faced off against police. Here's some of the production video:

"After you see some of these photos and the video, you may want to go back and compare them to scenes of chaos in Oakland last week, and decide for yourself if this is an eerie case of life imitating art, or art imitating life," Buck Sexton wrote at the time.

And now take a look at the new trailer and ask the same question:

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