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Rick Perry: Obama Administration is Fueling 'Surge' in Illegal Immigrant Children


"This is precisely what happens when the federal government refuses to recognize its responsibility for our nation's immigration and border security."


Poor Rick Perry. Despite his tendency to insert his foot in his mouth multiple times in national Presidential debates, the Texas Governor certainly knows how to talk tough when the situation calls for it.

And this situation definitely calls for it. According to Fox News, Perry is accusing President Obama of allowing a recent "surge" of illegal immigrant children to enter Texas without doing anything to stem the flow. And no, these aren't anchor babies - they're children who cross the border without their parents, and frequently end up in government sponsored child care once they reach the other side. Screen grabs of Perry's acid-tongued complaint to the Obama administration follow:

Harsh stuff. But it's dubious as to whether the White House will listen - children are a politically  easy group to defend, though this story does raise the question of why so many children are crossing the border alone. Where are the parents in all this?

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