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Take a Look at the Swirling Rock Formation That Only 20 People Get to See Each Day


"the most beautiful and spectacular place on earth."

The Coyote Buttes in Arizona is one of the most exclusive parks in the country -- only 20 permits are given by the government for visitors each day.

The Arizona Bureau of Land Management states the limited number of park goers is to ensure protection of the geologic formations that span the 112,500 acres of land. Business Insider reports that 10 of the permits are issued through an online lottery four months in advance and 10 are given out onsite that day. Zion National Park's website states that it may seem "harsh" to institute such restrictions, "if more were to visit, the pristine, remote experience would be lost."

Some are willing to put in the time to obtain one of these permits to see what the BLM describes as "stunning, colorful, swirling masses of stone." Business Insider recently had a visitor share stunning images from their their 2010 visit to the Coyote Buttes. Here are just a few from Al Laurente who told Business Insider the trip was to "the most beautiful and spectacular place on earth."

Check out more stunning images from Laurente's trip here.

This story has been updated since its original posting. 

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