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We Are Headed for Profound Darkness': Beck Blasts Biden, China Over Revolting 'Ground Baby' Pills Story


We are living in an alternate universe.

By now some of you may have already read one of the most repugnant stories to hit The Blaze, perhaps ever. It explains how China has been producing energy-enhancing supplement pills that are literally made from ground fetal and newborn baby flesh. The mere mention of this revolting practice is enough to send anyone into a tailspin and that is precisely the reaction Glenn Beck and his co-hosts had during their Tuesday morning broadcast. After reading the article in its entirety aloud, Beck then tore into the Sleeping Giant's abhorrent track record in human rights and rhetorically asked viewers how on earth Vice President Joe Biden could actually not question Communist China's barbaric one-child policy.

Sadly, "this is not an Internet rumor," explained Beck, and The Blaze was only one of three news outlets to initially cover the "horrific story." He asked what the difference is between China's "dying rooms" and Obama's past defense while senator of allowing a child born in a Chicago hospital to be allowed to die.

Revisiting one of Biden's many gaffes (though this statement was likely meant in earnest), Beck slammed the vice president for saying he "fully understands" China's one-child policy.

"We are headed for profound darkness," Beck commented. When you have a society that would "grind up babies" while the rest of the world looks on and merely says, "that is the future of the world, I don't want to question their [China's] policies"

Astounded by the alternate universe that we seem to be living in, Beck asked listeners if they ever in a million years imagined a day would come "where we'd be reporting on children left in dying rooms.. and put into drying microwaves" in order to produce supplement pills. What's more, he asked if anyone could have ever imagined that an American vice president would not question China's one-child policy. "We won't survive this storm," Beck cautioned.  "But we will win if we reconnect with the values of who we truly are."

Watch Beck and his co-hosts discuss this truly disturbing matter.

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