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A 6-Year-Old Just Made the Toughest Play in Baseball


There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in the history of Major League Baseball. In fact, there hasn't been one in the majors since 2009. But don't tell that to this 6-year-old, who looks to have accomplished the feat last week during a little league game.

HuffPo describes the play:

In the clip [...], a 6-year-old (according to the YouTube title) shortstop catches a fly ball with men -- boys, actually -- on second and third. With both baserunners on the move, the kid was able to touch third base and then tag the runner coming from second for the unassisted triple play.

Now Business Insider is quick to call this "adorable," but still has some critiques:

I don’t know what that kid on third was thinking heading that far down the line on an infield fly, but I blame him less than I do the coach.  That’s just a poor job of teaching the fundamentals.

The boy's identity is somewhat of a mystery. ESPN identified him as "Ross Burnath" from Atlanta when he topped SportCenter's Top 10 plays on Wednesday night. But confirming his identity beyond a first name has been hard.

That probably doesn't matter much, though: he'll always be "that incredible 6-year-old who turned an unassisted triple play."

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