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New Billboards Feature Church Message Signed by...Satan


"an extreme message"

Image Credit: FOX Carolina

The secular world has created a plethora of billboards aimed at slamming the Judeo-Christian worldview. But while atheists have been infamous for their posted non-theistic placards, the religious, too, have been known to get creative. Take, for instance, a new billboard that's been posted by Redemption World Outreach Center in Greeneville, South Carolina.

The house of worship has launched an ad campaign that features a billboard signed by Satan. His message? To dissuade human beings from attending church, naturally.

The creative billboard reads, "Please do not go to Redemption World Outreach Center this Sunday." Then, the fallen angel's name is signed below his plea. While some may find the message eye-catching, others -- like Josh McCarnan, a communications manager for Hampton Park Baptist Church Ministries -- aren't so sure.

"I am a communications manager, so I deal a lot with graphics," McCarnan told The Christian Post, going on to say that the graphic elements associated with the sign are poor. "I understand kind of the motives behind it. But from a graphics standpoint … it doesn't really say a whole lot about the church."

Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Outreach Center says that the church means no offense by posting the billboard. Rather, the house of worship believes it will be a viable method for reaching out to youths.

"I want to go back and reach the young adult generation which has been labeled very extreme, so I said, 'I need to send an extreme message to try to jump start the curiosity of a younger generation,'" he said. "They like to talk about maybe good and evil but don't want to bring devils and Satan's name into it. But we believe he exists, and we believe this is a place he wouldn't really want you to be."

The church, as The Christian Post notes, will display the billboards over the next four months.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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