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After 49 Mutilated Bodies Dumped at U.S.-Mexico Border, Beck Slams Obama Over 'Basically Complete' Fence


Because “it didn’t meet cost-effectiveness and viability standards.”

On his Monday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck dissected the contradictions and race-driven tactics employed by the Democratic machine as it attempts to manipulate the 2012 election. Since the left always claims to be champions of minorities, Beck wondered why they did not seem concerned that no less than 49 mutilated, decapitated bodies were recently dumped on a highway connecting the northern Mexican town of Monterrey to the U.S. border.

Of note, Beck slammed Obama over a comment in which he claimed the border fence was “basically complete” when in fact only 5% had been completed.

The U.S.-Mexico border stretches 2,000 miles and last year after “wasting a $1 billion and five year’s worth of work,” Beck explained, DHS ended its secure border initiative because “it didn’t meet cost-effectiveness and viability standards.”

Since 2006, 47,500 people have been killed on the U.S.-Mexico border. That is why "basically complete matters."

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