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Barack Obama: Our first gay-female-Hispanic-Asian-Jewish president

(Photo: Newsweek)

Bill Clinton may have claimed the title of America's first black president, but Barack Obama has him beat in pretty much every other category.  Newsweek declared President Obama America's "First Gay President" on the cover of their rag mag this week.  What other titles does Obama hold?  As it turns out, he's not only gay, but also female, Jewish, Asian AND Hispanic. 

The Atlantic's Eric Randall has a noteworthy column out today that examines the oh-so-many cliches of Obama's presidency, each concocted by his adoring media:

First Female President: Perhaps Newsweek should have been more specific and declared Obama the "first lesbian president' because the magazine's already given him the honor of womanhood. During the 2008 campaign, Martin Linski wrote, "Obama doesn't play the sax. But he is pushing against conventional—and political party nominating convention—wisdom in five important ways, with approaches that are usually thought of as qualities and values that women bring to organizational life." The headline? "Obama: First Female President?"

In June 2010, The Washington Post's Kathleen Parker took the question mark out of the way.  "Obama: Our first female president," her headline declared. Her column made the case that his crisis management style was more typically female.

First Jewish President: Like this week's issue of Newsweek, New York magazine went big on their Morrison reappropriation. Former White House counsel Abner Mikva told John Heilemann  "When this all is over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president." The magazine made it their cover.

First Asian-American President: In 2009, the AFP ran with the headline, "Obama the first Asian-American president?" As evidence, the article notes that in his first hundred days,  "Obama appointed a record three Asian-Americans cabinet members and quickly focused his attention across the Pacific. He invited Japan's prime minister as his first guest and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to Asia on her maiden trip."

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