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Shock Video: Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Anders Breivik Trial


"a strong smell seemed to be emanating from his person"

In the grand scheme of moments to attempt self-immolation, doing so outside a high profile criminal trial at least has the advantage of looking like a political statement. Unfortunately for the person in this story, that is not at all what is involved.

In what authorities are saying is a case that has nothing whatsoever to do with politics, but is instead simply a story of one man's deep-seated mental illness, an unidentified man set himself on fire today outside a courthouse in Oslo, Norway. And it was caught on video.

Those of you without a strong stomach are advised not to watch the following:

Business Insider reports on the rest of the incident:

An attorney who spoke to VG Nett claimed that the man had entered her office shortly before he set himself alight, speaking about some type of conspiracy and carrying pages of documents detailing his fears. She added that a strong smell seemed to be emanating from his person, likely kerosene or another flammable liquid, and that she had never seen him before.

He sustained severe injuries, but they are not life threatening. Doctors placed the man into an induced coma, so police were not able to question him. Officials said he is a Norwegian citizen, but had immigrated from somewhere else. They did not say where.

Given this incident, one almost has to wonder whether the man on trial, Anders Breivik -- himself a raving lunatic if accounts are to be believed -- is simply a magnet for death and madness.

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