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Look at this awful haircut that got this kid in trouble at school


Patrick Gonzalez was nearly suspended  from a school in Texas on Thursday for having this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair day. He had professional basketball player Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs shaved into his head.

"We're in the playoffs. He was feeling good until now, he was totally embarrassed," said Rose Gonzalez, his mother. The problem came when he went to Woodlake Hills Middle School. "My 1st period teacher called the principal. She told her it was a distraction," said Gonzalez. His mom was surprised because she says she asked first. "I didn't want any kind of problems with any of the principals. I know there are rules and regulations anywhere else you go," she said.

Of course he's embarrassed. Look at his head.

School officials say Gonzalez's mom misunderstood; the bad haircut was never given the O.K.

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