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50 Treated After Massive School Bus Collision En Route to Six Flags


"No one knew what was going on.  Some kids were hurt"

(The Blaze/AP)  As many as 200 middle school students were on their way to Six Flags Saturday when a chain collision stopped six school buses and a car east of Atlanta.

One driver, identified as Angela Anthony, 44, of Midville, Ga, was seriously injured and had to be flown to Grady Memorial hospital, but miraculously, everyone else only suffered cuts and bruises.

“It was scary,” a student on the bus commented. “No one knew what was going on. Some kids were hurt.”

The students were reportedly told to evacuate through the back of the bus, and then wait in a ditch until the injured bus driver could be safely airlifted out.

The accident happened on Interstate 20 when traffic on the highway slowed approaching Covington because of a closed lane, according to a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol, which is investigating the accident.

As the buses reduced speed, one bus was struck from behind by another, setting off a chain reaction that soon affected six buses and a car.  The accident temporarily shut down westbound traffic on the major highway.

Two other people suffered injuries, police said.

One mother received a frantic call from her daughter after the accident.

“I didn’t know where they were,” she said. “I [had] been getting updates from Facebook. The school should have told us something.”

While a school spokeswoman maintain they were available all day for questions, parents reportedly only received an automated message saying the children could be picked up at a certain time, but no associated details.

About 50 others were examined at regional hospitals for possible injuries after the wreck. Aside from the bus driver, school officials said none of the injuries appeared serious.

"Just a few bruises, scrapes," the school spokeswoman said. "Nothing bad happened to any of our children."

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