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NATO Protests: Demonstrators March on Rahm Emanuel's House



Demonstrators marched in front of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house Saturday as part of a weekend of NATO summit protests. (Image source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Rahm protesters Sun-Times1

Dozens of protesters descended on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's neighborhood Saturday as part of the weekend of NATO summit demonstrations.

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The Chicago Sun-Times reported Emanuel wasn't home at the time, but that did little to stop demonstrators from marching and chanting in front of his home in protest of his closing city mental health clinics.

"We want to ask his neighbors if they know where to find mental health services because he closed down all of our clinics,” Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle of the Mental Health Movement told assembled protesters on the North Side Saturday morning.

Protesters are streaming by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home — which is being guarded by 16 Chicago police officers. The protesters are not being allowed to congregate, so they are streaming by and chanting.

There is a NATO tie, one demonstrator told the Sun-Times.

“The theme is healthcare — no warfare,” Jo Patton with the local Mental Health Movement said.

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