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See What It's Like to Run a Half a Hot Air Balloon


"See what a fantastic view it is."

Talk about altitude training. An Australian runner recently completed a half marathon in a hot air balloon.

The Daily Telegraph reports Rob Ginnivan completed the 13.1 mile run while high in the sky on a treadmill that was powered by a generator. Check out his run:

In the video, Ginnivan says that he didn't account for the fact that the weight in the balloon's basket would cause him to tip back a bit, meaning he was essentially running uphill the whole time. Not only that, but the basket also swayed from left to right. Even with these hardships though, Ginnivan points out it is a "fantastic" view.

Why did he do it? It wasn't for altitude training but to raise funds for charity. Ginnivan hopes to raise $100,000 for the Heart Foundation not only running in the air, according to the Telegraph, but also on land and at sea.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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