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Blog post from 1956 documents bullying union tactics


Ok, blog posts weren't actually a thing in 1956, but an historically equivalent pamphlet printed in the 1950s was a useful tool Herbert Kohler, President of Kohler Co., used to publicize bullying tactics he witnessed among Wisconsin unions.

Think union protests over collective bargaining, picketing of private homes, bullying and other Alinsky-like tactics are phenomenon unique to this year's Wisconsin recall election? Think again. While perusing a local white elephant sale in Oakland, Calif., blogger Zombie discovered a copy of Kohler's 1956 pamphlet outlining contents "so modern-seeming and so relevant to the recall election of Scott Walker happening right now in Wisconsin that it seemed as if it was a blog post written yesterday. The issues, tactics and warring sides are almost exactly the same today as they were 56 years ago."

That said, Zombie decided the old political literature belonged on today's world wide web. Why? "Because the voters of Wisconsin need to know that this drive by Wisconsin unions to control the employment market and the levers of political power has been going on for an extremely long time," he writes, "the upheaval that has wracked Wisconsin since Scott Walker first won the nomination to run for governor in 2010 is just the latest battle in a decades-long war."

Click here to see the pamphlet and more of Zombie's full report -- it's definitely worth a read.

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