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Here are Some of the Authentic Military Weapons Used in the Movie 'Battleship

Here Raikes (played by Rihanna) wields a Garwood Industries upgraded GE M134 Minigun. (Image: IMFDB)

The 2012 Universal Pictures film "Battleship" isn't just an amped up version of the B4-miss, H9-hit board game. It's supercharged with the enemy ships being alien vessels that land in response to a NASA signal that was beamed toward their Earth-like planet.

Although the aliens and their vessels might be fictitious, some of the artillery used to battle them in the wargame-like flick are the real deal. Business Insider pulled together a list of the authentic weapons featured in the movie from the Internet Movie Firearms Database. Beyond just the usual pistols and assault rifles, below are just a few images of the more heavy duty gear they utilize:

See more images of weapons used in the movie here.

Haven't seen the preview yet for "Battleship," which is already in theaters? Check it out (see if you can spot any of the weapons mentioned above):

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