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Jose Canseco doesn't know Romney's name but knows Romney is a 'joker


Former Major League baseball player, amateur climatologist and now political pundit Jose Canseco was profiled by recently. Canseco isn't known to be the finest thread on a mesh shirt but he tried his hand at political analysis in the interview anyway.

"Who's the guy running against Obama?" Canseco asks.

Romney, Jose.

"Romney. This joker comes in saying that Obama has done nothing: 'He hasn't fixed the deficit.' Let me tell you something. Do you actually fucking believe that in four years you're going to fix the deficit? Are you kidding me? That's a lifetime project. ... It's amazing the bullshit that people believe."

"It's all his fault," Canseco scoffs at Romney's line of attack. "Nobody's going to fix this in four, eight, 12 years. Maybe in 30, it'll fix itself."

No commentary for this one.


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