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Romney campaign releases new ad addressing Bain attacks


Campaign coverage during the first half of the week seemed to revolve around the Obama campaign's eagerness to attack presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's private sector record at Bain capital, a strategy some conservatives and rouge Democrats see as a losing argument for the reelection team. While the Obama campaign's new ads released Wednesday seem to pivot away from this strategy, Romney has released a new ad of his own, arguing that the Bain attacks are aimed at distracting Americans from the president's economic record.

"Stories of the Obama Economy" opens with footage from Obama's press conference Monday where the president suggests the reelection campaign's focus on Bain is not a "distraction" but rather "what this campaign is going to be about." The ad then cuts to split screen of voters discussing the economic challenges and disappoints they've endured since 2008. The ad closes with the Romney campaign slogan "Believe in America," followed by the ominous fade-in of the general election date November 6, 2012.


(H/T: Yahoo)

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