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Real News From The Blaze:' The Results Are In for Egypt's First Round of Elections


The results of two days of Egyptian elections are in, and it looks like the run-off will be between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Mursi and former Mubarak PM Ahmad Shafiq. The BBC reports that the two remaining candidates are seen as representing very different strands of Egyptian society. Mubarak's former prime minister Shafiq is regarded by many as a representation of the old secular regime. Mursi represents a popular strand of political Islam that was excluded from the political process for many years during the Mubarak reign, identifying with the revolution. Mursi has openly said that he’d seek to dissolve the peace treaty with Israel. Shafiq says he will keep the camp David accord intact because he ‘honors old agreements’.

On "Real News" Friday, the panel discussed the progress of Egypt's first election after a revolution so far, and what realities Israel and the U.S. will face with one possible administration over the other.

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