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Stunning Video: 80-Year-Old Woman Nearly Slips Completely Out of Harness During Skydive


"Let me get my clothes"

When you think of a tandem skydiving accident, this is probably your worst nightmare.

Gawker begins:

An elderly woman named Laverne says she is fulfilling a decade-long dream of skydiving at the start of a souvenir video recorded at the Parachute Center in Northern California.

But the dream devolves into a living nightmare in a hurry as the 80-year-old is pushed out of the plane by her tandem master with a loose harness that quickly comes undone, leaving the poor woman dangling thousands of feet above ground.

ABC has more details:

The camera person has also jumped, so from his vantage point, we see that Laverne has evidently slipped out of her harness so that the straps are attaching her to her instructor from behind her knees. She’s also clinging to him with her arms. And her shirt has flown up, so we see part of Laverne’s torso. The instructor starts trying to pull her shirt down, which is the last thing we see before the camera cuts to the scenery thousands of feet below them.

The souvenir video from hell finishes from the ground, where we see the duo land in the distance and two employees run toward them. Laverne appears to be okay, but says something to the effect of “Let me get my clothes,” as she tugs at her blouse. The instructor seems shaken and one of the other employees is consoling him.

There were rumblings that the video was a fake, and that Laverne was actually someone wearing a mask. But ABC ccontacted the skydiving center and they said it's real, but were' rather tight-lipped.

“This happened a long time ago and everything worked as advertised,” Parachute Center owner Bill Dause said in a statement to ABC. “No one got hurt or injured.” When ABC called the center again, an employee said the video was a year old and left it at that. The United Parachute Association also confirmed that it was aware of the video before it went viral, saying it looked like Laverne's harness wasn't adjusted properly.

You think?

Here's the full video. If you easily get nervous, don't click play:

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