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Caption that photo!: The winner

Bill Clinton poses with porn stars. (Image Source: Twitter)

Friday We asked you to caption that photo of a ready-to-go Bill Clinton with his porn star friends:

The winner:

"Me and my star gals! Black patent leather dress…check…leopard skin apron…check…and blue dress with built-in towel…check. Let the games begin!"-- OLM


"Fella’s, meet my new friends…Bon, Chica, and BONG BONG."-- KICKINBACK

"The Clinton Library is proud to announce that, starting tomorrow, we will be accepting applications for three new interns."-- RMAN3

"Maybe it really does take a village."-- STARLING541

“Usually briefs.”-- LCALLDAY

"That depends on your definition of 'is a porn star.'”-- DTHOMPSON579

"Is that blue dress dry-clean only?"-- MESSILIFE

“Is that a cigar in your pocket Mr. president or are you just glad to see…oh hey, that is a cigar in your pocket!”-- RECKNHAVIC

"Much like fine wine, I get better with age."-- KOURAGE

"Would you like to know what the definition of my"-- OLIEMAN


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