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This Is How You Can See Kirk Cameron's 'Super Secret' Trailer for His New Mystery Film


"I believe we can change the world."

Actor Kirk Cameron (Photo Credit: FILE)

Actor and director Kirk Cameron's "Monumental" documentary provided a lens into America's moral and social history. Now, following his film's success, Cameron is already beginning to tease his next project -- a currently unnamed documentary that is slated for a March 2013 release.

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In a Facebook post on Monday, Cameron encouraged his 267,000+ fans to join a special mailing list so that they can be among the first individuals to learn more about the upcoming project. In his note, Cameron pledged to provide those who sign up for his newsletter with a "super secret" trailer that provides a first look into the feature film. On Monday, he wrote:

Only 24 hours left to sign up to be the first to see the super secret, under wraps, not even leaked to the press yet, trailer of my new feature film! Here's how you see it. Sign up in the next 24 hours for my free newsletter, the "Cameron Connection", and I'll send you a link to an exclusive sneak peek of my new, unnamed project. I want you to be the first to watch and tell me what you think. Together, with those who love God and are willing to do the right thing over the long haul, I believe we can change the world. Sign up now and I'll send you the link!

This Memorial Day message was preceded by a Saturday post in which Cameron announced the creation of "an online, central base for like-minded people" to share perspective on movies, books, music and ideas.

"I want to build a team of people who believe anything is possible if we love God and do the right thing over the long haul," he wrote. "Sign up for the 'Cameron Connection' -- my new free newsletter that keeps you informed on everything I'm doing. Sign up in the next 48 hours, join the team, and I'll send you this exclusive sneak peek of my new, unnamed project."

So far, the trailer hasn't yet been released -- but because the response was apparently so strong, Cameron extended the deadline for people to sign up for the newsletter to Tuesday.

While Cameron is giving few details away about his upcoming project, back in March he touched upon it briefly during an exclusive interview with The Blaze. The actor-turned-director said that the new feature film will dig even deeper than "Monumental," going back to the Roman Empire to discover the nation's more far-reaching historical roots.

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