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We Have No Time to Lose': Chuck Norris Enters the Ring on the Side of Gov. Scott Walker


"President Bill Clinton Vs. Scott Walker and Me"

Internet meme and iconic actor Chuck Norris-- the man who inspired countless phrases like "Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door" and "Chuck Norris is why Waldo is hiding"-- has joined the political fray in Wisconsin on the side of Governor Scott Walker, and is wasting no time in galvanizing the man's supporters.

He wrote in an article Sunday: "Wisconsin Democrats, Washington elite and insiders, and liberal special interests have joined together to fight for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin in Tuesday’s election. But last Friday, when I saw them also send in the big guns, former President Bill Clinton himself, against Gov. Walker, I knew I had to enter the ring, too."

The article is aptly titled, "President Bill Clinton Vs. Scott Walker and Me."

Norris continued to discuss the economic facts on the ground in Wisconsin, and how the state's unemployment and relative deficit compare to the national average, before declaring:

Walker’s recall is not just about Wisconsin; it is about national reform. It’s about living within our means. It’s about taking back our republic. It is about saving our nation and posterity, one election and state at a time.

That is why Gov. Scott Walker himself recently appealed to patriots across his state and our country, in which he wrote this:

"For more than a generation in Wisconsin, the power of special interests and the liberal elite have gone largely unchecked. My administration finally stood up to them, and we changed the way we do things in government in Wisconsin. That’s why my opponents are so desperate to defeat me in this recall. They want to roll back the clock and take us back to the days of skyrocketing taxes, bloated budgets, and unchecked and unaccountable spending. We cannot let that happen …"

Gov. Walker, I agree, and so do a multitude of other patriots across your state and this nation.

The last thing Wisconsin and our republic needs is another tax-and-spend liberal in charge of its state. If that happens, we conservatives must also be realistic about this: If the far left can recall Gov. Walker, then it could open the floodgates to sweep the country with more of the same recalls.

That is why my wife, Gena, and I are encouraging everyone to vote for the incumbent Scott Walker for governor of Wisconsin.

If you know anyone in Wisconsin, call them today and give them reasons why they should vote for Gov. Walker. Also, please immediately post Gov. Walker’s social network pages to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts by going to ScottWalker.org. We have no time to lose.

While Norris concluded: "Ronald Reagan was right, 'Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same,'" it wouldn't be unusual for social media forums to greet the announcement with a number of clever, political Chuck Norris jokes.


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