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Time for Action: Beck's Four Steps for Taking Back America Revealed


"Are you ready to change the world?"

On Friday, The Blaze provided a glimpse into Glenn Beck's soon-to-be unveiled four-step plan to take back the country. This Monday evening, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern, Beck will finally share the first step in his plan by asking viewers to commit to taking action, rather than stand on the sidelines while assaults on liberty continue unfettered.

Each subsequent evening through Thursday will reveal additional details and delve into a new component of this compelling initiative to reclaim America. These steps will engage viewers and ask participants to promise to:

  1. Commit:  Revealed Monday June 4th
  2. Activate:  Revealed Tuesday June 5t
  3. Live It:     Revealed Wednesday June 6th
  4. Create:     Revealed Thursday June 7th

Through direct participation in any or all of the four steps, people across the country who may have otherwise felt estranged from the political process, or civic action, will be given tangible projects in which to take part. As the left advances its assault on personal freedom -- from banning big gulps and lemonade stands, to turning away food intended to feed the homeless -- and mobilizes to reelect Barack Obama, their efforts will likely be well-coordinated and efficient. In order to push back, Beck believes the best way forward is through proactive participation and engagement.


From the Glenn Beck website:

When Glenn left cable news, he promised that the network he and his team were building would not be a place for you to passively watch and be entertained – it would be a place for you to connect with a community of like-minded people. People who share similar values and who want to see the world changed for the better and the things that made America great restored. It was a place for people to get active, to learn, and to unite together.

“GBTV is a verb.”

Beck believes the next six months will determine the course of the country’s future and that it is up to everyday Americans to take charge and direct that course. Below is a preview of what's to come:

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