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Van Jones: Romney's Anti-Obama 'Lazy' Slogan Is Like Racial 'Dog Whistles


"lazy, incompetent, affirmative action baby"

 According to Former Obama Czar Van Jones:

  • "Romney would tear the floor out from under the american people"
  • The Ryan budget is a wrecking ball or everything that has made America great
  • The GOP is "extreme and crazy"
  • Romney is a "job destroyer"
  • Romney's job creation record is "laughable"
  • The media needs more "victims" of Romney on the microphone
  • Romney's slogan implies Obama is a "lazy, incompetent, affirmative action baby"
  • The stimulus just needed "more money" to work
  • The Democrats only hope is to "tear Romney apart" 
  • This will be a "fear election, not a hope election"   


Mitt Romney was the target du jour when disgraced Obama Czar Van Jones engaged in an online chat with the left wing magazine '"The Nation."  Jones, never shy about his feelings toward conservative America, has not attacked the presumptive Republican nominee with such vitriol before.  The Democratic Party insider gave a chilling foreshadowing of what type of campaign America should expect in the coming months and, rest assured, "hope" will have nothing to do with it this time.

The live chat was moderated by Ari Berman, a contributor to The Nation, and was open for questions from Nation readers.  Jones opened up by denouncing Romney and Paul Ryan as "extreme and crazy":

When the moderator argued that Obama will face a tough road head, given poor economic numbers, Jones went immediately on the offensive, enthusiastically calling Romney a "job destroyer":

Jones went on to advocate for the "victims" of Mitt Romney to get more airtime in the media:

After advocating for vicious personal attacks against Romney, Jones pivoted and went after Romney's advertisements against Obama, calling the 'Obama Is Not Working' campaign slogan essentially racist:

 Jones than took the liberty to translate what the Romney slogan really means:

A majority of reader comments in the chat reflected disappointment in the president's performance and related a gloomy outlook on the election.  Committed Obama supporter Reid Friedson represented the disenfranchisement felt by this group:

Jones sidesteps the readers blistering question with a predicion that Obama is only as liberal as he needs to be (to echo the sentiment the liberals are shouting) and that "green jobs" need more taxpayer dollars to work:


(*this response was later in the chat)

In the wake of such a gloomy outlook from the readers, Jones and the moderator took to the extreme, advocating that the Democrats only chance to win is to "tear Romney apart" in a "fear election":


Hope and Change no more, some of Jones parting words call for "war":

This chat took place on Friday, June 1st 2012.

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