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Former Democratic Governor says Wisconsin recall was a 'dumb political fight


We've seen varied reactions from Democrats following Scott Walker's solid win in Tuesday's gubernatorial recall that affirmed the governor's policies approaching the budget and public sector reform while delivering a shocking blow to what had been a reinvigorated big labor movement. MSNBC host Ed Shultz, whose colleagues have said he could make a good AFL-CIO president, was dejected when told of the Walker win Tuesday, saying “This is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters who are liberal,” holding out hope that Scott Walker could still get indicted. Schultz  like former DNC Chairman Howard Dean blamed the loss on Democrats being outspent (despite exit polls that showed nearly 90 percent of voters made their decisions in the recall election before May).

"I think the sad story of the night was the money because this is the beginning of the undermining of American democracy" sad Dean on "Morning Joe" Wednesday, echoing the comments of weepy Barret supporters speaking with CNN Tuesday night.

At least one Democrat though is admitting progressives went one bridge to far in the attempted recall of Walker.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell told The Hill Wednesday that the attempted recall was a "dumb political fight" waged by unions and activists, commenting that it would have made more sense to wait until the end of the governor's first term before trying to remove him from office.

"There are a lot of people who voted on principle against a recall because they don't believe recalling someone for other than a crime or downright corruption is appropriate," he said. "I would have had a tough time voting for the recall. If we're pissed off at what a person does in office the answer is to beat them when they're up for reelection."


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