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Awkward job applicant: Sex offender running for school board


He's required to be at least 202 feet away from schools, parks and playgrounds but that's not stopping a man in Utah from running for a spot on the local school board.

That man is 67-year-old Richard Wagner Jones.

Jones told ABC News Salt Lake City that his child-abusing past has "been taken care of and is behind us."

Poor word choice, I'd say.

A woman who claims to have been a "sex slave" for Jones when she was 14 is, strangely, not supportive of his run for the seat. "There is no doubt in my mind that if this man is allowed to have access to any public records regarding children that he will find new victims," she said.

The school board says if Jones wins, he won't be given "unfettered access" to schoolchildren.

Okay, look at Jones' face. That's clearly a pedosmile that needs to be under 24-hour surveillance.

[New York Daily News]

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