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Everything Begins With an Idea: Beck Explains Why Americans Have the Power to 'Create'


“While our technology has progressed, our culture has regressed.”

Do you remember a time when television programs and movies were only broadcast in black and white? Do you recall the days of eight-tracks, or vinyl records, or perhaps just compact disks? Technology advances exponentially, and what were marvels of the modern world 10, 20, or even 50 years ago, now seem like nothing more than relics. After all, what is an old cassette player next to the sleek iPod? How can the cinematic experience of watching an old black and white film ever compare to the lifelike quality of crisp, digital high definition footage? Yet old or new, all of these innovations have at least one thing in common -- they were created by man, out of the sheer imagination and intelligence with which he was born.

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Over the course of the past week, Glenn Beck introduced GBTV viewers, as well as Blaze readers, to a new initiative comprising four simple steps aimed at committing, activating, living our values, and finally, to "creating" something tangible in the field of innovation -- be it art, music or simply an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Below, Beck explores the depth of America's long and rich history of invention:


Below, Beck asks why we are punishing the creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs of society. After all, they are the ones who have contributed so much, from the telephone, to the motion picture, to the iPad and everything big and small and in between.


GlennBeck.com provides additional details on the Beck's goal:

So he [Beck] came up with a solution – one that involves him working with artists and musicians in aggressively pushing back with messages of hope and goodness. And, most importantly, he encouraged viewers to join him, not as passive observers but as active artists and creators in whatever way they could.

“America has always been about creating and doing,” Glenn said as welcomed people to the final night of special shows focusing on fixing the country.

Taking a break from the news of the day, Glenn chose to instead reflect on the history of American ingenuity to start the show. He ran through some of the incredible American inventions – focusing on everything from Edison and the Kinetoscope to the iPad.

“Edison saw the good in the invention. He was an amazing man — he never stopped thinking and trying — no matter how preposterous the idea seemed. For example, he actually tried to make concrete furniture such as beds and chairs. Even concrete pianos. Needless to say that one didn’t work out, and neither did his ‘mechanical cigar’. But that didn’t stop him. He once said, ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ He just kept creating, and sometimes he got it right.”

“He’s also is the first to record the human voice,” Glenn said.

Beck discussed the unsettling fact that numerous Billboard Top 100 songs are titled with four-letter expletives while network television programs sexualize teenagers. Conversely, Beck noted that programs that discuss the existence of God, faith and the importance of family are berated  Meanwhile, shows that talk about God, faith, and family have been left behind, and left to the sidelines. He even shared his own experience of professional difficulty.

“I’ve actually lost (radio) affiliates because they say I talk about God,” Beck confessed.

He noted that while conservatives don't like where society is headed culturally, they perhaps don't do enough to actually change the system.

“This is the one area where we've abandoned our entrepreneurial spirit. Instead of being like Edison and trying 10,000 ways to be part of the solution we just throw our hands up in the air and wave the white flag.”

“We’re against something instead of being for something. And meanwhile, artists are thrust into a toxic atmosphere where if they aren't willing to live on the cutting edge of culture and create filth you don’t get a job.”

“Why are we just giving the culture over to those who seek to promote filth? Why are we just complaining about it? How about we do something about it. Yes! That’s what we are going to do here. Create.”

“This day is the biggest challenge of all four and arguably the most important.” .

Beck also discussed his plans to engage musicians and movie makers who embrace a positive message -- one that celebrates faith and American values. With that, he gave viewers a glimpse at the ways in which GBTV and Mercury are going to fight the degradation of society through creation.

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