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Founders' Fables': Mom Says 7-Year-Olds Know What 'Conservative' Means Thanks to Children's Books


“If you look at public schools today, they’re not getting the conservative message there..."

Laurie Cockerell, a Texas mom, will proudly tell you her 7-year-old twins know what the world "conservative" means. After all, she has been reading to them about it since they were 3 or 4 years old.

Cockerell authored a series called "Founders' Fables" that teach lessons to "young patriots" based on principles of “limited government.” CBS Local in Dallas-Fort Worth reports that Cockerell was recently selling her books at the State Republican Convention.

According to her website, the 10 fables comprising the 48-page book address topics like the national debt; private enterprise and government intervention; socialism; outsourcing; free speech; and independence and self-reliance.

CBS has more from Cockerell on her books:

“If you look at public schools today, they’re not getting the conservative message there and I think we have to have something to combat that,” Cockerell said from her booth Thursday.

She developed the books to "instill and encourage the conservative values of the founding fathers" to the elementary student audience.

One of books available online as a sample -- The Water Park -- tells the tale of a colony of ducks who went into debt putting in a duck pond, given the deal they made with the beaver builders. Even later generations of ducks were still paying the beavers as the pond became old and fell into disrepair. After the story, Cockerell then includes some discussion questions for parent and child, like "would you take money from your baby brother or sister's piggy bank to pay for something you bought long ago for yourself?"

CBS also reports Cockerell saying that the election this year has boost her sales of the $10 paperback book. The book was first released in 2010.

Read more about Founders' Fables here.

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