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Beck Explains Why the Federal Reserve Is a Complete 'Scam'


"We are paying them for the privilege of bailing them out...How is that not criminal?"

Glenn Beck used his Monday evening broadcast to expose the four key ways in which the Federal Reserve is a “scam,” namely because:

  1. We’re not allowed to see who owns the Fed
  2. We’re not allowed to audit the Fed
  3. The Fed is our biggest lender (bigger than China)
  4. The Fed is the biggest receiver of Federal funds

Beck believes that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are doing something "you and I couldn't get away with," and that's "writing bad checks."

"We are paying them for the privilege of bailing them out," Beck quipped. "How is that not criminal?"

There have been no less than seven government bailouts "funded by you since 2008" with a price-tag of $2 trillion. Beck asked what taxpayers have gotten in return.

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