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Joy Behar for some reason thinks Current TV will 'become more and more popular


As Meredith wrote earlier Current TV has hired co-host of The View Joy Behar to anchor a new talk show starting in September.

Just in April it was reported that the network (check your local six-digit cable listings to find out what channel) is facing some serious ratings trouble. Especially after its most popular host, Keith Olbermann, was kicked off the air. And yet, Behar isn't worried.

"I think it’s a progressive station, I think it’s ahead of the curve, and it’s going to become more and more popular," she told the Huffington Post. (The logic is even more concerning when you consider Behar's own short-lived talk show on HLN was canceled in November for low ratings.)

She described [Current] "as a place where you can speak freely" — which is exactly what the opinionated host plans to do. “Current doesn't belong to anybody," she said. "They say do whatever you want, and I believe them,” she said.

Do whatever you want. Just don't abuse the car services or take unannounced vacations like the guy they fired two months ago.

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