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Arrogant' and 'Immature': Current TV Countersues Keith Olbermann


"He arrogantly and falsely calls 'cheap' the company that has paid him the highest compensation he had ever received in his career."

From a conservative point of view, watching the fight between Keith Olbermann and Current TV is a classic case of Evil versus Evil. And the fight just got a little more entertaining, now that Current TV has decided to sue Olbermann back after he decided to file suit against them yesterday. And unlike Olbermann's suit, which essentially appeared to amount to Olbermann being insulted, the Current countersuit has some interesting details about Olbermann's work habits. The LA Times reports:

In a court filing Friday, the network attacked the liberal opinion-maker as "arrogant" and "immature" and said that he had failed to show up for nearly half of his recent workdays. The papers were a response to Olbermann's $70-million breach-of-contract lawsuit filed Thursday against Current, which hired him as its star last year but dismissed him in late March after months of turmoil.

Current said it doesn't have to "pay a dime" to Olbermann, "who, having already been paid handsomely for showing up sporadically and utterly failing to keep his end of the bargain, now seeks to be paid tens of millions more for not working at all." The papers also point out that Olbermann told David Letterman, "I screwed up" at Current during a TV appearance this week.[...]

"[H]e arrogantly and falsely calls 'cheap' the company that has paid him the highest compensation he had ever received in his career, provided him the largest staff of any program he had ever anchored, given him the largest studio and custom-designed set on which he had ever worked, and paid over $50,000 in an eight-month period to eight different limousine companies because none of the previous seven were able to meet his patrician standards for how to drive him around New York City," the papers say.

Olbermann's attorney has dismissed the filing, though it will not do much good for Olbermann in the court of public opinion.

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