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Real News From The Blaze': Is Obama's 'Private Sector Doing Fine' Remark a Flub or Freudian Slip?


President Barack Obama's remark Friday that the "private sector is doing fine" went viral and is still being discussed through the weekend despite high profile walk backs from Senior Campaign Advisor David Axelrod Sunday and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday.

Rather than diving deep into the ongoing political debate around the statement, Will Cain and Buck Sexton led the "Real News" panel in discussing where the private sector is now, especially as Moody’s just announced that they will downgrade the ratings of five of six largest banks in the United States. With the “private sector” suffering, the public sector is put in a positon with little room for error or excessive spending. The panel went on to debate whether Friday's remark from was a gaffe, Freudian slip, or perhaps as S.E. Cupp speculates, the president relying on a receptive liberal media and the idea that "it's not a lie if you believe it."


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