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Epiphany: Did Obama get the tune for his new ad targeting blacks from 'Men in Black'?


Yesterday, I posted the new Obama radio ad targeting blacks. Today, Glenn Beck played it on radio. And as I sat there humming the tune, I had an epiphany: it sounded so familiar. Being that I won my high school's choral award, I searched my mental archives until I found out.

"Men in Black."

That's right: if you listen closely, you'll notice that Obama's "We Got Your Back" ad is a dead ringer for the original "Men in Black" theme song by Will Smith.

Here's the ad (listen especially at the 13-second mark):

And here's the song (pay attention at about 15 seconds):

Am I not right?

By the way, yesterday during a radio interview with Joe Pags in Texas I mentioned that the ad seemed to treat blacks in a stereotypical, demeaning manner. So after listening to the ad a couple more times, I decided to visit the website mentioned in the ad. The announcer seems to say "" And sure enough, there is an actual

I can't help but think that Obama doesn't even expect that the people listening to his ad will be able to use the most correct form and go to "" So I tried It doesn't work.

That proves my point.

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