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Obama feels your pain, or something


During his economic speech today, President Obama tried to assure voters that he's not "out of touch" and really understands the struggles facing average Americans today:

Don’t let anybody tell you that the challenges we face right now are beyond our ability to solve.

You know, it’s hard not to get cynical when times are tough.  And I’m reminded every day of just how tough things are for too many Americans.

Every day I hear from folks who are out of work or have lost their home. Across this country I meet people who are struggling to pay their bills, or older workers worried about retirement, or young people who are underemployed and burdened with debt.

I hear their voices when I wake up in the morning and those voices ring in my head when I lay down to sleep.

I wonder how many of those voices Mr. Obama will hear tonight while he's partying with Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour and all his other adoring affluent fans who coughed up a cool $40,000 to attend. Perhaps the president will be spared the dull murmur of us plebs tonight as he charms his well-heeled friends.

I'm sorry America, I can't quite hear your voices over the rustling of silk napkins, the clattering of fine china and clinking of crystal stemware. 

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