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In Honor of CNN's Crying Man, Here are the 17 Craziest Tissue Holders We Could Find


You'll never guess what this is.

CNN's "Crying Man" from last week's Wisconsin recall has become a celebrity of sorts (watch the original, hilarious video here). He popped up again today. And that got us thinking: we know it was traumatizing, and Democracy is ending, but please Crying Man, use some of these before you go on National TV.


Cupcakes are delicious and will give you the stamina you need when Scott Walker turns Wisconsin into a feudal state.



Nothing like a baby clown to remind you democracy is ending. No joke.



These will make perfect centerpieces no matter the election result.



A perfect snack when your staging a sit-in!



It is important to be culturally understanding, even though our society will probably go the way of Easter Island.



Basket weaving is a lost art form, but it could be a valued skill on the state's liberal University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.



Wisconsin is known for its native cedar. Get it while you can as Scott Walker will probably have them steamrolled out of spite. 



You may have to live in a log cabin after the government collapses due to teachers contributing nearly nothing to their pension, so horde your logs now! (see above)



Want to throw more dues in the kitty?



Crying Man, if your union lays you off due to the engorged salaries of the "senior negotiators," there is a good chance video  games will occupy a great deal of your time.  Beep Boop.



You could always write your feelings about Gov. Walker in a sonnet?

Thou must be patient; we came crying hither:

Thou know'st, the first time that we smell the air

We wawl and cry.

King Lear Act 4, scene 6, 176–180



Be Strong, Crying Man.



Too much crying will make you feel bad!





Hats off to Barrett, though!  Only lost by 7 points. Oh, and contributed to the end of democracy.



Hello end of democracy Kitty!



End the Afghan War?



We actually have big elections every two years (and more frequently on local levels): Merry Christmas Crying Man!



Cheer up! You can write the Blaze and tell us what you think, Crying Man, and keep up with all the other leftist things going on in the country -- while we still have one!


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