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Epic Fail: Blaze editors cruise the streets looking for one of Beck's lemonade stands &...Chick-fil-A?


Are you ready for a pretty hilarious video featuring some Blaze editors (myself included)? Now, before you get the back-story -- and see the clip -- allow me to frame the situation for you. It was a hot, Texas day, my GPS wasn't operating properly and we had already put in long hours at the office. Naturally, the drive was somewhat cumbersome.

Now, I'm sure it seems like I'm making excuses (and maybe I am). Either way, the clip you're about to see is entertaining, to say the least. Oh, and one other caveat: It's heavily edited. The Blaze's multimedia producer, Benny Johnson, took the liberty of splicing it all together. Now, for some more specific context.

On Wednesday, The Blaze's Jon Seidl, Tiffany Gabbay and I hit the road and headed to Glenn Beck's national lemonade stand and bake sale in Ceder Hill, Texas. On our way to the event, we decided to stop off and see some of the lemonade setups that Mercury One supporters were putting together in the area.

The drive was, shall we say, a comedy of errors. And here it is (withhold judgments, please):

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